​PGA / LPGA Professional

"Patti Marquis is the first golf pro to ever explain it in a way I can understand." thanks Patti

​           Gloria from Spokane

…I always thought golf was a silly sport until Patti got me hooked. I love it."

​                                     Lynn Smith

"Patti has made me love golf. My handicap went from 15 to 9!"

                          Tom Lavatette

…never been able to get the ball airborne until I met Patti."

​          Nancy Huntsworth

"Absolutely the best golf lesson I have ever taken and i've had a bunch.  She's really funny too."                 

​                            Donna McDonald

"I can go play with strangers. I know  etiquette, I know the rules and I can hit the DAMN ball. Patti taught it all to me except for the swearing."

​                       Jamie Ludlow

"Patti Marquis is funny and kind and knows her stuff."

                    Mike Kincaid   age 43