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    "Grab some clubs, get your       swing and have some fun!"


"Golf is more than just learning how to get a little ball into a hole. It brings out the true character of a person. Golf involves honesty and integrity. It explores who you are as a person and how you handle your emotions. It's a great social game because you don't play against each other, you play against yourself and the course. You go golfing together and each great shot is celebrated by everyone."    

                           Dr. Florence Underwood


You can view Dr. Florence Underwood on You Tube. Type in Patti Marquis, Dr. Florence Underwood.

Patti is currently at Fossil Trace Golf course in Golden, CO and will be headed for Las Vegas the end of September 2016 (and NO she doesn't have a gambling problem.)  Patti will be conducting golf camps at a historical ranch outside of Las Vegas from October 2016 through April 2017. It is unlike any other golf school in the country. Click on Camps to learn more.


This summer Patti will be at Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden, CO on a regular basis. Patti will also come to Spokane, WA and be at Meadowood Golf Course in Liberty Lake, WA once a month for 2 days and at Willows Golf Course in Redmond, WA the same amount of time.  Patti will conduct one to two clinics a month in the Washington area so keep on top of her monthly newsletters for more information.

Patti started playing golf at the age of 10 and was addicted from the beginning. She played golf at Kent Meridian High School, playing on the boy's team since they didn't have a girl' s team and was actually the captain her senior year.

Patti went on to play golf at The University of Washington where she received the first athletic scholarship given to a woman.

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